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Frequently Asked Questions

What is stabilized or aerobic oxygen, and how is NutraOxygen different?
Stabilized, or aerobic oxygen, was the process many manufacturers used in the past to create oxygen for a liquid consumption. Although this process did produce oxygen molecules, it was not the safest or more efficient way of doing so. Stabilized oxygen is very harsh on the body, and in most cases because it is so acidic, can burn the skin if not diluted.
NutraOxygen uses a new proprietary process which produces oxygen safely and effectively.
Is it really possible to assimilate oxygen from a liquid?
The short answer is yes. Normally oxygen is delivered to the cells via blood cells, which receive the oxygen from the lungs. When taking a liquid oxygen supplement, oxygen can be assimilated directly into the blood stream beginning in the mouth, and through the digestive system. It has been said before elsewhere that assimilating oxygen and nutrients through the digestive system is not possible. This is rubbish, as all nutrients are assimilated in this manner. The circulatory system has only one function: to carry oxygen and nutrients to the cells. This is how our body digests food. Therefore yes, most of the oxygen we receive transverses through the lungs because that is what the lungs were designed to do. However, if you want more oxygen delivered to the cells, you have two options available: carry around an oxygen tank, or use a convenient liquid oxygen supplement like NutraOxygen.
Is NutraOxygen safe for children, pregnant women, or those taking medications?
There has been no known interactions with any medications to date. In all cases, it is advised that you discuss with your physician the option of taking a dietary oxygen supplement. In some cases, taking an oxygen supplement may enhance any current medications you may be taking, thereby making those medications more effective. Consult your physician.
For children under 10 years of age, the recommended dosage is 2-3 drops, once a day. There has also been no known interactions for pregnant or lactating women. Once again, consult your physician.
Will NutraOxygen give me more energy?
YES! Absolutely Yes! Is is a medical fact that we get 90% of our energy from oxygen, and 10% from food. Also, this is a sustained natural energy, not like a caffeine high that you would typically receive from a highly caffeinated energy drink. While some of our customers take NutraOxygen for detoxification reasons, most consume it for the sustained energy qualities.
What is the recommended dosage for NutraOxygen?
The recommended dosage for NutraOxygen is 7 drops, three times daily in cold or room temperature beverages. This is not a hard fast rule, as many customers consume higher dosages. Please keep in mind that consuming larger doses can get quite expensive, and increases the possibility of higher detoxification.
Is NutraOxygen FDA approved?
The FDA does not approve dietary supplements. However, NutraOxygen IS produced in a FDA inspected lab which has been merited with the GMP Good Manufacturing Process certification, and  goes through a thorough 24 hour quarantine process on each batch. You can be absolutely assured of the impeccable quality of NutraOxygen.
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liquid oxygen supplement